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Mastering is the final stage of the recording process and deals with finalizing the stereo mixdown of your song so that the proper levels are checked and corrected for release. Mastering is an important step in the music production process that is often overlooked by those making independent releases. My mastering service is designed to optimize your recording to give it that analog radio quality luster, all at an affordable price.

Things I will do as mastering engineer will be to clean up level spikes, muddy or over focused low end,smooth out the high end, proper low end to mid range balance, spectrum analysis, pop/click removal, equalization, compression (including multi-band compression), limiting, editing, and final arrangement of tracks. The mastering process is performed entirely in the 24-bit digital domain using my special technique.

I specialize in the mastering (and remastering) of hip hop, urban, reggae, rNb, house, techno, dj mixes & mixtapes. I also mixdown and master radio commercials, and online mastering and emastering. 15 years experience in productions, remixes and a hearty discography.

Mastering is $35 US per track. Mixdown and mastering is $115 per song. Payment is made via paypal, my paypal ID is here. I ask that all clients be registered and verified with PayPal before contacting me about mastering or mixdown work, this saves time and hassle on both our ends. I will deliver your final project master to you as 16 or 24 bit .wavs. As a bonus you will also get mp3's of your mastered songs (at 160kbps and 320 kbps) as well.

You may submit your material as:

-mixed down stereo wav
-tracked out .wav project to be mixed and mastered
-Pro Tools session (ver 8 compatable) to be mixed and mastered

Submission help is here.


Please take time to explore the site and please contact me with any questions you might have.

-Wyndell Long
audio engineer



Mixdown is one of the most critical steps of a final professional sounding recording. A good mix will make the final mastering better. The Mixdown stage is where all the sounds are positioned, all separate tracks (music, vocals, drums, ect) are blended together, and the levels are adjusted. If you don't have a good mix then no amount of mastering can make the track sound good. Some services offered for mixdowns include:

* for that warm analog sound: tube harmonics, compression, equalization & tape saturation
* Vocal Intonation Adjustment
* Vocal processing and thickening
* Vintage harmonic processing for vocals
* Added background vocal harmonies
* Timing adjustments as needed
* MIDI resampling when appropriate to improve sound quality
* Wide variety of Track insert effects like chorus, echo, etc...
* Convolution reverb treatments
* Track automation as needed for better final mix
* Track and bus equalization
* Noise reduction if needed
* Adding additional tracks if needed (remix)

The final result of a good mix is to have the track sounding very smooth, sound panned properly and properly EQ 'ed with the vocals sitting in the pocket easy to hear. A good mix will sound very good on it's own before mastering. Pro Tools serssions are accepted (ver 8 compatable). For the best results have your audio engineer track out your song to individual named waves (vocal1.wav, synthpart.wav, ect), with wet (with effects) and dry (no effects) takes. See more on preperation here.


styles of music mastered:        
    hip hop & rap   house
    r&B   dj mixes
    rock / pop / Japanese pop   radio commercials
    reggae   drops & psa's
    drum n bass   video & pc games
    electro & minimal   mixtapes
    techno & trance   progressive
    re-mastering   remixing
mastering for online distribution sites like beatport, whatpeopleplay, stompy, trackitdown, juno, myspace, facebook music, soundcloud, livesets, bandcamp, itunes
Digital Audio Mastering and Editing
Analog Audio/Video Restoration with Noise Reduction, Pop and Click Removal
Digital Sample-Rate Conversion
Media Format Transfers*, including:
+DAT to CD
+Cassette to CD
+Tape to CD
-Vinyl Record to CD / mp3
Sound and Video Archiving (to CD-R or DVD)
Radio Show / voice actor Production
Video CDs to DVD transfers
Bowers & WIlkins Speakers / subwoofer
Prism Audio Maselec Analog EQ
Benchmark D/A Converter
Chandler Limited Compressor & limiters
Stewart Audio Amps
Waves series plug ins
Sony MDR-7509HD Studio Headphone
Sonar / Wavelab for playback
Tascam DAT



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